Thursday, September 21, 2023

Do Fish Feel Pain?

As a vegetarian, I’m often confronted with this: “Ah, but you eat fish, right?” The answer is no (at least currently), but my questioner’s...

Do Animals Get Drunk? Beware Of Your Pumpkins

While fall time in the US usually equates to Halloween and leaf peeping, in Darwin, Australia, it’s the start of Drunk Lorikeet Season. This...

In the Art of Dancing, Animals Take Top Spot

With the longtime success of dance competitions including “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars,” it’s no doubt that we...

Harvard Research Center Closes After Death of 4 Monkeys

The death of four monkeys, since 2010 seems, to be enough to force the New England Primate Research Center at  Harvard to close its...

Why Are There Still Birds Up North In The Winter?

You hear that chirp in the brisk morning of January and you say “what?” And for good reason. You wouldn’t be caught dead outside...
flatworm penis

What is the Most Diverse Animal Organ?

They’re bigger, they’re stronger, and some of them come in multiples. Some animals use them to hunt, swat flies, or grope things. Some animals...

Can Animals Speak Different Languages?

Tell a Mexican-born Chihuahua “sit” and he’ll cock his head at you and wonder what it is you just muttered. But tell him “siéntate”...

The Truth Behind Reindeer – Even Rudolph!

One question that’s asked around this time of year is whether reindeer are real. Sure, kids worldwide ask about Santa, but even some adults,...
lion meat

Lion Meat Tacos – Are You Ready To Eat The King of the Jungle?

Just a month ago, it was reported that Taco Fusion, in Florida, put a $35 meat taco on its menu. Thirty-five bucks for a...
horseback riding

5 Tips for a Safe Horseback Riding Experience

Superman’s (Christopher Reeve) fall from grace - and a horse - helped bring to light the dangers of horseback riding, even for an experienced...