red panda

Meet Rusty: A Red Panda Who Escaped from His Zoo

It's not often a zoo animal goes missing. So, when new arrival Rusty disappeared from his enclosure at the National Zoo in Washington DC,...

Unique Ways Animals Rest and Sleep

Just like humans, animals need to get a few good hours of sleep in order to function at their best, but the ways in...

Is Bullfighting Culture or Cruelty?

They call it a dance. A graceful compilation of movement equal to the brushstrokes of a painter. But neither the waltz nor impressionism end...
white moose

Sacred White Moose Killed by Hunters in Nova Scotia

Facebook gets a lot of folks into trouble with the law, their bosses, parents … But a couple of stoked hunters up in Canada...

The Oregon Chub Minnow Triumphs Extinction

No one has ever really given the Oregon Chub Minnow much of a second (or first) thought … until now. Why would they? The...

Meet Breeze: An Orphaned Foal

Devon, England’s Mare and Foal Sanctuary has a new resident. Found a few hours after his birth trying to nurse from other mares, Breeze...
flatworm penis

What is the Most Diverse Animal Organ?

They’re bigger, they’re stronger, and some of them come in multiples. Some animals use them to hunt, swat flies, or grope things. Some animals...

Animals That Mourn Their Dead

Sometimes we forget that despite our amazing and seemingly human-specific characteristics, we are, in fact, still animals. Which is why it shouldn’t be so...

The Dangers of Backyard Zoos

The arm of a woman who works at the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Oklahoma was nearly torn from the woman’s body last...
glow in the dark

The Strange and Amazing World of Glow in the Dark Sea Life

We love our glow in the dark stuff don’t we? Whether it be glow in the dark markers, clothing, ceiling stars, or - in college...