Our Writers


Richard Christian – Richard has been rescued three times over by his lab/hound mix Gamgi, pit/boxer mix Lincoln, and cat Turtle. He strives to make every day an adventure for his pack, and is blessed to make a living by doing what he loves – writing.

Quentin Coleman – Quentin believes that studying and working with animals is one of the best parts of life. He has a particular fondness for felines, as his cat knows, but enjoys writing about all kinds of pets and wildlife.

Heather Brennan – Heather makes her home with a motley crew of German Shorthaired Pointers and a German Wirehaired Pointer, collectively known as the Nuthatch Gang. She has been breeding dogs for almost twenty years and is a licensed dog show judge. She is also actively involved in rescue

Kathrine Haycock – Kathrine brings her love of birds, specifically her understanding of the complex Cockatoo to our staff. She hopes to educate bird owners on how to prevent their beautiful bird from becoming a “problem bird” that ends up in a rescue.

Miranda Collington – An avid fan of the AKC, Mandy keeps us up-to-date on the competitions and events that you won’t want to miss. We know she secretly hopes to compete with her Samoyed, Mishka.

Lakisha Cape – When it comes to research analysis, no one comes close to Lakisha. You will find her writing her analysis of the pet research studies that are published in the various scientific journals she follows. She’ll take the bias out so the facts aren’t lost.

Kurt Overlock – Kurt would trade a year of his life to take a sled dog team on the Iditarod, so long as his husky, Kody was part of the team. Kurt loves to talk and write about working dog breeds.

Liza Frase – Liza is our tough-as-nails product evaluator. When a vendor sends a product and asks for our opinion, Liza will tell them exactly what she thinks. We hear she also likes to take candy from babies. JK, Liza!

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