Coyotes: Can They Be Taught to Live in Harmony?

Coyote sightings in residential areas have steadily increased over the past decade. Just this past winter an area deemed a success at co-existing with...

Increased Palm Fruit Oil Demand Killing Orangutans

He was burned alive for doing what any living species does every day: fight to survive. The image of a burned orangutan has become the...
animal rights

Animal Rights Ad Banned By European Court

The image is striking: the long-haired primate locked behind a cage, covered in chains, eyes pleading yet somewhat vacant. This primate looks scared, hungry,...
carriage horses

NYC Carriage Horses Become Part of Mayoral Race

Will NYC Carriage Horses Be Banned With a New Mayor? She may have dogs, but animal activists say mayoral candidate Christine C. Quinn is no...

Harvard Research Center Closes After Death of 4 Monkeys

The death of four monkeys, since 2010 seems, to be enough to force the New England Primate Research Center at  Harvard to close its...

Do Fish Feel Pain?

As a vegetarian, I’m often confronted with this: “Ah, but you eat fish, right?” The answer is no (at least currently), but my questioner’s...
lion meat

Lion Meat Tacos – Are You Ready To Eat The King of the Jungle?

Just a month ago, it was reported that Taco Fusion, in Florida, put a $35 meat taco on its menu. Thirty-five bucks for a...
animal defenses

Unique Animal Defenses

In the wild, animals are in a constant battle to eat and avoid being eaten. It is often referred to as the predator-prey arms...

Meet Breeze: An Orphaned Foal

Devon, England’s Mare and Foal Sanctuary has a new resident. Found a few hours after his birth trying to nurse from other mares, Breeze...
miss usa

Miss USAs Pose Naked for PETA to Fight Fur

When we hear about a beauty queen’s nude pics, we usually expect it to be some kind of scandal that forces her to give...