Tuesday, December 5, 2023
flatworm penis

What is the Most Diverse Animal Organ?

They’re bigger, they’re stronger, and some of them come in multiples. Some animals use them to hunt, swat flies, or grope things. Some animals...

A Giraffe’s Genes Were It’s Death Sentence

Children were among the curious crowd-gatherers who watched as an 18-month-old giraffe was butchered into pieces before being fed to lions. While the public...
cage free

What Does Cage Free Really Mean? The Life of a Cage Free Chicken

We’ve all seen or heard the phrase “Cage Free” somewhere, probably in the grocery store. But what does cage free actually mean? Is it...
ivory poaching

Ivory Poaching Banned, Yet Elephant Crisis Soars

The future of elephants is in serious jeopardy unless we do something about it now. That, according to the International March for Elephants, a...
white moose

Sacred White Moose Killed by Hunters in Nova Scotia

Facebook gets a lot of folks into trouble with the law, their bosses, parents … But a couple of stoked hunters up in Canada...

Increased Palm Fruit Oil Demand Killing Orangutans

He was burned alive for doing what any living species does every day: fight to survive. The image of a burned orangutan has become the...

Coyotes: Can They Be Taught to Live in Harmony?

Coyote sightings in residential areas have steadily increased over the past decade. Just this past winter an area deemed a success at co-existing with...
killer whale

Meet Springer: an Orphaned Killer Whale

In 2002, a young killer whale was noticed off the shores of Washington State in the Puget Sound. The whale was alone which is...
lion meat

Lion Meat Tacos – Are You Ready To Eat The King of the Jungle?

Just a month ago, it was reported that Taco Fusion, in Florida, put a $35 meat taco on its menu. Thirty-five bucks for a...

Do Fish Feel Pain?

As a vegetarian, I’m often confronted with this: “Ah, but you eat fish, right?” The answer is no (at least currently), but my questioner’s...