Contest is Seeking the Most Dog-Friendly Businesses in America

Bark’s Best Places to Work presented by Zuke’s Seeks the Most Dog-Friendly Businesses in America Durango, Colo. – The Bark is asking “if I were a...
pet wedding

Pet Wedding Planning… Is This a Real Service?

Pet wedding planning is now available at Get recommendations on 5 star Kennelmoons, pet friendly venues, and advice on where to shop for...
contenter for best in show

Check Out The Finalists For Westminster’s Best In Show

Swagger, a 20 month old Old English Sheepdog, is one of the contenders for the 137th Westminster Kennel Club dog show’s Best in Show...
most popular dog breeds

Most Popular Dog Breeds According to AKC

For the 22nd year in a row, the Labrador retriever is the most popular dog breeds in the United States according to the American...
cat body language

Cat Body Language: What Do They Mean?

Cats are known for being less affectionate than dogs, and not so outwardly in their manifestations of friendship and bondage with their human owners....
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Driving Dogs Are Taking Over the World

Imagine driving down the highway, glancing over at the car in the lane next to you and seeing a dog driving the car –...
archaeology dog

Migaloo is the World’s First Archaeology Dog

There are over 200 million more olfactory receptors in a dog’s nose than a human’s. Dogs have been trained to locate everything from drugs...
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NYC Bodega Cats Become Neighborhood Staple

In the heart of New York City’s bodega jungle, a predator is lurking. Many stores are becoming homes to bodega cats. These cats keep...

New Trend in Dog Sports – Skijoring

Imagine yourself on a pair of cross-country skis. The sun is beating down on your face; it’s a beautiful day. Oh, and you’re being...

RIP Social Media’s Celeb Dachshund Alan TBH Plumptre

Alan TBH Plumptre Social media has made stars out dogs, as well as people. Both Facebook and Twitter boast hundreds of accounts that are “written”...