Pet Wedding Planning… Is This a Real Service?


pet weddingPet wedding planning is now available at Get recommendations on 5 star Kennelmoons, pet friendly venues, and advice on where to shop for pet fashion. Email subscribers of woke to find this announcement in their inbox on April 1, 2013. An extravagant and thorough April Fool’s Joke.

At a quick glance, looks like a legitimate online business geared towards helping owners planning a pet wedding. The home page is an exact copy of complete with an adorable dog wedding photo of a bride and groom posing on the front page. The “Choose the Purrrrfect Venue” tool beckons visitors to embrace the joke and search for a venue. Search results reveal venue choices including: Yellowstone National Park, The National Zoo, or even the famous Old McDonald’s Farm. Although none of the links are active, there is more for the browser to look through.

Pictures of freshly baked dog treats are decorated in colorful designs and shown as a dessert option for a dog wedding. Sparkling diamond necklaces are suggested as bridal fashion. Planners can even calculate kibble for the special day.  But before you decide which tutu slims your bulldog, remember this is was an excellent and clever April Fool’s joke by Disappointed? Instead of planning your pet’s perfect day, envision how you would incorporate them into yours. Here are some ideas:

  • Take a photo: Feature them on your Save the Dates. Nothing says happy family, like a couple’s pet grinning as he announces your special day. Use a sign to reveal the date in the photo.
  • Walk down the aisle: Have them act as ring bearers and tie the ring around your pet’s neck; let a bridesmaid or groomsman walk (or carry) them down the aisle. Or dress your pets up as bride and groom and have them lead the bridesmaids down the aisle.
  • Dress them up for pictures: Specially made bow ties, tiaras, diamond encrusted pet collars, tuxedos, and yes wedding dresses will include them in your festivities and pictures.
  • Cake toppers: Cake toppers are usually customized based on hair and skin tone. For pet lovers, have one customized to add your pet at the bride and grooms feet.


Pets don’t have a dedicated wedding planning website, but they are our family. Enjoy incorporating them on your special day.