Coyotes: Can They Be Taught to Live in Harmony?

Coyote sightings in residential areas have steadily increased over the past decade. Just this past winter an area deemed a success at co-existing with...
invasive species

Is Killing an Invasive Species Wrong?

When does killing stop being terrible and start being sensible? It’s a question many ask when it comes to controlling the population of invasive...
horse slaughter

Video Adds Fuel to the New Mexico Horse Slaughter Controversy

Last year, Valley Meat Co. began a process with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to convert its former cattle slaughter operation into a horse...

Seals on Board!

Ethan Janson is a 41 year old sports-photographer-turned-dentist, Seattle native that lives near the Puget Sound in Washington state. He had noticed that the...

A Look Into Apes at US Zoos

The world is going ape! Though many of the great apes are endangered in the wild, they have been having a bit of a...
flatworm penis

What is the Most Diverse Animal Organ?

They’re bigger, they’re stronger, and some of them come in multiples. Some animals use them to hunt, swat flies, or grope things. Some animals...
wisdom the bird

Meet Wisdom – The Oldest Living Wild Bird

Wisdom has done it again. Believed to be the oldest living wild bird in the world, Wisdom is a Laysan albatross. She is at...
singing dog

Singing Dog Photographed for the First Time in 20 Years

Tom Hewitt, of Adventure Alternative Borneo Tours, as well as he group he was guiding, saw a rare sight while high on the Mandala...
polar bear cubs

Toledo Zoo to Publicly Debut Their Polar Bear Cubs

The Toledo Zoo has announced that it’s as yet un-named, twin polar bear cubs will make their public debut this spring, likely in May....
illegal wildlife trade

Stamping Out Illegal Wildlife Trade in China

The illegal wildlife trade suffered a setback recently thanks to a multinational crackdown led by China. The crackdown included Asian and African nations, in...