cage free

What Does Cage Free Really Mean? The Life of a Cage Free Chicken

We’ve all seen or heard the phrase “Cage Free” somewhere, probably in the grocery store. But what does cage free actually mean? Is it...
miss usa

Miss USAs Pose Naked for PETA to Fight Fur

When we hear about a beauty queen’s nude pics, we usually expect it to be some kind of scandal that forces her to give...

Meet Breeze: An Orphaned Foal

Devon, England’s Mare and Foal Sanctuary has a new resident. Found a few hours after his birth trying to nurse from other mares, Breeze...
lion meat

Lion Meat Tacos – Are You Ready To Eat The King of the Jungle?

Just a month ago, it was reported that Taco Fusion, in Florida, put a $35 meat taco on its menu. Thirty-five bucks for a...
animal defenses

Unique Animal Defenses

In the wild, animals are in a constant battle to eat and avoid being eaten. It is often referred to as the predator-prey arms...

Do Fish Feel Pain?

As a vegetarian, I’m often confronted with this: “Ah, but you eat fish, right?” The answer is no (at least currently), but my questioner’s...

Harvard Research Center Closes After Death of 4 Monkeys

The death of four monkeys, since 2010 seems, to be enough to force the New England Primate Research Center at  Harvard to close its...
carriage horses

NYC Carriage Horses Become Part of Mayoral Race

Will NYC Carriage Horses Be Banned With a New Mayor? She may have dogs, but animal activists say mayoral candidate Christine C. Quinn is no...
animal rights

Animal Rights Ad Banned By European Court

The image is striking: the long-haired primate locked behind a cage, covered in chains, eyes pleading yet somewhat vacant. This primate looks scared, hungry,...

Increased Palm Fruit Oil Demand Killing Orangutans

He was burned alive for doing what any living species does every day: fight to survive. The image of a burned orangutan has become the...