Do Animals Get Drunk? Beware Of Your Pumpkins

While fall time in the US usually equates to Halloween and leaf peeping, in Darwin, Australia, it’s the start of Drunk Lorikeet Season. This...
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The Alternative Horse Show – Say What?

The Tennessee Walking Horse is a beauty to behold. It’s known for its 4-beat running walk and high-stepping gait, so much so, that there...
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Top 5 Strangest NYC Animal Sightings

Earlier this month, N-train riders saw a strange sight on their daily commute. Of course seeing strange sights on any NYC train isn’t all...
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Meet Springer: an Orphaned Killer Whale

In 2002, a young killer whale was noticed off the shores of Washington State in the Puget Sound. The whale was alone which is...

Why We Think the Wolf is Evil

When we’re little kids, we learn that slow and steady wins the race and other helpful lifelong lessons, thanks to a tome of fairytales....
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Blackfish Documentary vs. SeaWorld – Behind the Killer Whale

SeaWorld has gone head to head with Blackfish documentary that claims that the theme park’s policy of keeping killer whales in captivity lead to...
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Have you Heard of These “Ugly” Endangered Animals?

Everyone knows about endangered species like the giant panda, tigers, gorillas, etc. Their faces are plastered all over posters, websites, and campaigns to save...
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Meet Rusty: A Red Panda Who Escaped from His Zoo

It's not often a zoo animal goes missing. So, when new arrival Rusty disappeared from his enclosure at the National Zoo in Washington DC,...

Two Headed Animals: Do They Exist?

  While two heads may sound better than one, that isn’t always the case in nature. Although two-headed animals are rare, they do occur. The...
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Underwater Photography and Animals

  Anyone who has ever been snorkeling or scuba diving can tell you that there is a whole other world under the surface of the...