exotic pets

Zoo Accepts Exotic Pets from Owners with No Other Choices

Has your exotic pet outgrown your home? One Florida zoo has a solution Florida is a haven for exotic pet owners. Maybe it’s the warm...
pet apps

Top 5 Pet Apps

  Find a lost dog. Teach a dog to stop barking when you are at work. Ease your mind when you bring your pet on...

Anti-Parasitic Drug Linked to Hundreds of Dog Deaths

Dog owners routinely give their pets medications that are sold both over-the-counter and through veterinary offices in order to avoid infestations of fleas, ticks,...
food allergies

Food Allergies in Cats and Dogs

No fleas, cuts, scrapes or signs of infection—so what in the world is making your pet scratch so much? The answer could be food...
separation anxiety in dogs

Tips for Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day at work to find furniture destroyed, semi-fresh spots of urine on the carpet and shreds...

5 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Breath

By nature your dog does not smell all-together good. From his fur to his mouth, all sorts of foul emits from your four-legged friend,...
kosher animals

Israeli Company Sued Over Cruelty to Kosher Animals

This is when kosher is anything but. Israeli-based Adom Adom (very red) is a top quality brand of beef, that is supplied its beef from,...
cat vaccinations

Do Indoor Felines Need Cat Vaccinations?

Many cat owners believe that so long as their indoor cat remains indoors, they’ll never have to worry about rabies, distemper, and other viruses...
prosthetic limbs

Prosthetic Limbs for Animals: How Does it Work?

While many pets can manage remarkably well with only three limbs, losing more than one limb tends to pose a much more significant problem....
animal chiropractor

Animal Chiropractors: What to Know

Although there has been anecdotal evidence of chiropractic therapy being used on animals for centuries, there was no formal organization or training available until...