How Should You Care for Your Budgie?


budgieBudgies are actually small parrots, which most people mistake as parakeets. These birds are talking pets as they can be tamed and taught how to utter certain words. Their origin is Australia and their real names are Budgerigar, or just Budgie for short.

As pets, budgies are simply great. They are active and playful birds with a very high intelligence level. They can learn more than a hundred words and can be finger-tamed. Tame and train a budgie in the right way and you’ll almost feel it’s human.

To hand-tame a budgie, it’s important that they are hand-fed as chicks. That will make it easier for the owner to teach them how to land on your fingers or shoulders later on. It’s also important that you own just one budgie at a time. It becomes easier for you to tame them your pets this way, as they be more inclined to you

Caring for budgies

An appropriate budgie care means that you have to give them proper nourishment, proper exercise, adequate social interaction, maintenance, and daily care. Budgies are not birds made to be left alone. These pets need your attention most of the time.

For one thing, they need daily social interaction. It’s necessary to talk and play with budgies every single day, especially when you’re taming them. Taming budgies would mean talking to them, watching them while inside the cage, or playing with them.

As for nourishment, you have to make sure that it has got lots of food and water during the hotter days. And aside from feeding them high quality seeds, it’s important that you also give your budgie fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Lastly, make sure that its cage is always clean. You also have to put perches and toys inside it so your pet can enjoy the rest of the day playing. It’s important that budgies don’t get bored. Furthermore, make sure that there are no chemicals or other hazards anywhere near its cage.

How to Choose Budgie Cages

Budgie cages serves at your pet’s home inside your home. It’s its corner, so to speak. When buying a cage for your budgie, be sure to get the one that comes in the best size. The cage should be able to contain two or more budgies at the same time for it to be comfortable enough. The ideal dimensions are 1.5 x 1.3 x 1.3 feet. This kind of cage is wide enough for budgies to play at. It’s necessary for the budgie to stretch its wings, flap it, and climb around.

The bars of the cage shouldn’t be more than 1.3 cm apart. This way, there won’t be any risk of them getting out without you noticing. A wide cage is always more preferable than a tall cage. Do not buy cages that are too small, like the ones that are 9 inches wide. While budgies are small birds, they need as much space as they can for playing purposes.