Friday, September 29, 2023
heat stroke

Signs of Heat Stroke in Pets

With the hot weather finally here, it becomes important to be careful that not only you but also your dog, don’t get too much...
pet bird

Top 8 Household Hazards to Pet Birds

Pet birds are surprisingly delicate, and many things in your home can actually pose a serious threat to their health and wellbeing. Continue reading...

Should You Shave Your Cat, and How?

There are a number of reasons why people consider shaving their cats. The selfless reasons include: Because it’s hot outside, and you feel badly for...

The Problem with Feeding Birds an All-Seed Diet

Although seeds are a convenient and affordable option when it comes to feeding your pet bird, they actually aren't the best in terms of...
exotic pets

Top 10 Exotic Pets To Own

Having a pet is one thing - but having an exotic pet, well, that’s like having a show and tell 7 days a week....

Why Is My Dog…?

Answers To The Questions That Boggle Your Mind Dogs do some crazy things that make us scratch our heads and laugh. And while we’re entertained...

6 Common People Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

While many human foods are not only safe for dogs to eat but can also be quite healthy for them, there are many things...
animal chiropractor

Animal Chiropractors: What to Know

Although there has been anecdotal evidence of chiropractic therapy being used on animals for centuries, there was no formal organization or training available until...

How to Prepare Your Pets for Cicada-pocalypse

These 17-year-olds are itching to party. And their parties are attended by some pretty large crowds. Try in the tens of billions. Brood II...

Two Headed Animals: Do They Exist?

  While two heads may sound better than one, that isn’t always the case in nature. Although two-headed animals are rare, they do occur. The...