Thursday, February 29, 2024
illegal wildlife trade

Stamping Out Illegal Wildlife Trade in China

The illegal wildlife trade suffered a setback recently thanks to a multinational crackdown led by China. The crackdown included Asian and African nations, in...
shark fins

Humane Society Urges Texas to Say ‘No’ to Shark Fins

Shark fins may become an illegal commodity in the Texas if a recently proposed bill becomes law. The Humane Society of the United States...
pet hedgehog

Considering a Pet Hedgehog? You May Want to Reconsider

Some people find pet hedgehogs absolutely adorable. So cute, in fact, they’re adding the small mammals to the list of favorite pets. But with...

Thousands of Elephants Lost to Poaching in Gabon

For Africa’s elephants, life in a national park isn’t poacher-free. After a recent head count at Gabon’s Minkebe Park, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)...
aggressive bird

Frankensparrow, a Robotic Bird, Studies Aggressive Bird Behavior

Deep in the heart of a male swamp sparrow, lurks an aggressive bully. Swamp sparrows are commonly found across eastern North America in wetlands....
new species of crab

Senckenberg Announces Discovery of New Species

Biology and taxonomy still has its wonders for those who look hard enough. Researchers at the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung (SGN) in Frankfurt announced...
banning cats

Economist Proposes Banning Cats with “Cats to Go” Campaign

Would you give up your cat to protect the environment? This is a tough question facing New Zealand pet owners this year after economist Gareth...
pet monkey

Newly discovered pet already endangered?

We all want the new thing, the item no one else has. The car. The handbag. The shoes and the gadgets. But when does this...

Google StreetView Cameras Run Over Wild Animals?

You can’t go anywhere these days that hasn’t already been captured by one of the hordes of Google StreetView cameras. This type of infiltration...
exotic pet laws ohio

Exotic Pet Laws Tightened – Ohio Folks Have to Microchip

A federal judge in Ohio recently sided against owners of exotic pets by requiring these owners to join private associations and to implant microchips...