Thursday, February 22, 2024
water dogs

How Can You Turn Your Dog Into a Water Dog?

It’s one of the biggest fears any dog owner has: their dog will be afraid of water, or will refuse to dip his paws...
pit bulls

Should Pit Bulls be Sterilized to End the Breed?

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services (in California) has put forth a proposal to require all full and mix-breed pit bulls to be...
pet food recall

Salmonella Poisoning In Pet Food

More pet food recalls. BARF World and Bravo! announced last week that they are recalling some pet food due to Salmonella outbreaks in the...
tiny beyonce

Meet A True Survivor, Tiny Beyonce

When Beyonce, the dog not the singer, was born, no one thought she would make it. Weighing less than an ounce, she was not...
pet theft

Pet Theft: Don’t Let It Happen to You

Pet theft is on the rise. Stolen dogs for sale on Craigslist have made the headlines more than once recently. Puppy thieves ...
teacup dogs

The Serious Facts Behind Teacup Puppies

Puppies are cute. There is no denying it and small ones are even cuter. There is something about their delicate little bodies, fitting into...
pet wedding

Pet Wedding Planning… Is This a Real Service?

Pet wedding planning is now available at Get recommendations on 5 star Kennelmoons, pet friendly venues, and advice on where to shop for...
no kill

What’s In A Name? Does No-Kill Really Mean No Kill?

A recent controversy involving the Royal Oak Animal Shelter in Michigan calls into question the shelter’s interpretation of the term “no-kill.” The Royal Oak...
puppy mills

Puppy Mills 101

As you peruse the puppy section of your local pet store in the hopes of finding a new member for your household, don’t forget...

DockDogs: A Fun and New Canine Sport

DockDogs burst onto the scene in 2001 in Lake Placid. Pairing dogs and handlers with water in a format that echoes summer cottage dock...