Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Win a Free Box of Goodies for Your Dog Thanks to BarkBox!

Get Surprise Dog Gifts Every Month With BarkBox. Calling all subscription addicts! First there was shoes. Then makeup. Even jewelry. We indulge ourselves with monthly...
pet aftercare

Pet Aftercare: What to Do With the Remains When He Passes Away

No one wants to think about having to say goodbye to their pets, but it’s a part of being pet owners. Inevitably, our pets...
pets at work

Purina Website Shows Pets at Work Reduce Stress

Imagine a stress filled workday. The phone is ringing, email is piling up, a co-worker is talking loudly and the deadlines are getting closer...
greyhound adoption

Learn About Greyhound Adoption

The career of a racing greyhound is short. They begin racing at about a year and a half and are usually retired by the...
homemade pet food

Homemade Pet Food Causes Weight Loss and Savings

Pet food manufacturers are recalling pet food at an alarming rate. Pet owners worry over the possibility of feeding pets’ contaminated and unsafe food....
dogs in tights

Dogs in Tights: The Chinese Pet Trend

In China, a trend has taken the internet by storm. Dogs in tights - otherwise known as Gou Gou Chuan Siwa. A google image...
cleft palate

Meet Lentil and Learn How to Help Dogs with Cleft Palates

Meet Lentil, more often called Lenny, the French Bulldog puppy that has reached into the hearts of dog lovers across the internet. He’s only...
food allergies

Food Allergies in Cats and Dogs

No fleas, cuts, scrapes or signs of infection—so what in the world is making your pet scratch so much? The answer could be food...
klee klai

If You’re A Husky Fan, Then You’ll Love the Alaskan Klee Kai

Both Miley Cyrus and James Maslow have attracted attention with their adorable Alaskan Klee Kais. This rare breed is a relatively new one, developed...
cadaver dog

Fire Chief Uses a Corpse to Train a Cadaver Dog, Without Permission

Would you want your loved one’s remains to be used to train cadaver dogs? This story takes the term “organ donor” to an entirely new...