Salmonella Poisoning In Pet Food


pet food recallMore pet food recalls. BARF World and Bravo! announced last week that they are recalling some pet food due to Salmonella outbreaks in the manufacturing plants. In both cases no reports of sick pets were known.

BARF World is recalling the following two products:

  • BARF Lamb Patties with best use by dates of 07/27/13
  • BARF Combo Patties with best use by dates of 07/27/13

BARF World states that their manufacturing facility had a positive test for salmonella in a non-food item. The pet food was not tested. This is a recall for precautionary measures. There have been no reports of salmonella poisoning in pets. BARF products are part of the raw food movement. They claim the raw diet is “the only diet that will maximize health and longevity” for pets.

Bravo! also announced a recall due to Salmonella claiming “This recall is being issued out of an abundance of caution, as while these products tested negative for pathogens by an independent third party prior to distribution, they were run on the same day or an adjacent day to a product that tested positive for pathogens. The product that tested positive has been 100 percent contained and is not subject to this recall.” The products they are recalling are:

  • 5 lb. Bravo! Chicken Balance frozen raw diet chubs (tubes) with “best used by” dates of 3/6/15 and 3/12/15 imprinted on the side of the plastic casing.
  • 2 lb. Bravo! Chicken Blend frozen raw diet chubs (tubes) with the “best used by” date of 3/21/15 imprinted on the side of the plastic casing.
  • 5 lb. Bravo! Beef Blend Burgers bags with the “best used by” dates of 3/21/15 and 3/22/15 imprinted on the back panel of the plastic bag.

Salmonella poising in pets is rare. Senior, puppies, or pets with decreased immune systems are most likely to contract it. Watch for the following signs:

– They can be lethargic
– Have diarrhea
– Show signs of a fever
– Be vomiting
– Have a decreased Appetite
– Have abdominal Pain
– Become dehydrated
– Show signs of weakness

Salmonella poisoning can also be carried by seemingly healthy pets and passed on to other animals and their humans. If your pet has consumed one of the above pet foods and is showing signs of Salmonella poisoning, contact your veterinarian.

For BARF World recalls contact Christopher Hampson at 1-866-282-2273. For Bravo! recalls unopened packages can be returned to the store for a full refund.