feral vs domestic cats

Domestic Cats in U.S. Responsible for Bird Deaths?

The feline’s sharp hunting instinct made them an invaluable companion animal for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians even revered them as gods. They...
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Do Indoor Felines Need Cat Vaccinations?

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Singing Dog Photographed for the First Time in 20 Years

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Preventing Pet Bad Breath with Standard Tooth TLC

Bad breath can be as bad for pets as it is for humans. The accumulation of bacteria in the narrow spaces between teeth and...

Pudsey, Britain’s Beloved Dancing Dog

Pudsey was just getting started when he and owner Ashleigh Butler, 17, won 2012`s Britain`s Got Talent show. Their audition for Britain’s Got Talent...
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Pet Stem Cell Therapy – Can It Help Your Pet?

That phrase alone - stem cell therapy - brings with it controversy like few other topics. Be it the idea of harvesting embryos, to...