Flying With Your Pet – Safety Tips

Although airline travel is fast and convenient, it can also be nerve-wracking, especially for pets. Simply imagining yourself in your pet's situation while flying...
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French Bulldogs: More Than Just a Cute Face

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Your Dog and Food – The Common Sense Tips

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How to Report Animal Abuse

  Animal abuse happens quietly. Dogs, cats, horses, and more are tortured,neglected and physically harmed by their owners each day. The commercials of the ASPCA...

The Hybrid Wolf Allure: What Fascinates Us About the Wolfdog?

You probably thought that vampires were the new fad after the Twilight books and films, right? But since vampires are hard to come by...
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Murder at the Westminster Dog Show?!

Laurien Berenson has been writing murder mysteries set at dog shows for years but now North America’s most famous show may have a murder...
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Food Trucks for Dogs: A New Trend

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Meet Norman: A Guinness Book of World Records holding sheepdog

Norman is a dog of multiple talents. The Briard, a French sheepdog, is also now a Guinness Book of World Records holder for the...
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Four Ways to Dispose of Dog Poop

The last thing we think about when we get a new dog is about dog poop. We think about the shots, the leash, the...

6 Common People Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

While many human foods are not only safe for dogs to eat but can also be quite healthy for them, there are many things...