Friday, September 29, 2023
teacup dogs

The Serious Facts Behind Teacup Puppies

Puppies are cute. There is no denying it and small ones are even cuter. There is something about their delicate little bodies, fitting into...
no kill

What’s In A Name? Does No-Kill Really Mean No Kill?

A recent controversy involving the Royal Oak Animal Shelter in Michigan calls into question the shelter’s interpretation of the term “no-kill.” The Royal Oak...

Non Profit Groups Help Transport Rescued Pets to New Homes

One of the many challenges faced by shelters and rescue groups is how to get the animal to its new home when the adopter...
puppy mills

Puppy Mills 101

As you peruse the puppy section of your local pet store in the hopes of finding a new member for your household, don’t forget...
pets and airlines

Horror Stories of Pets and Airlines

No one feels entirely comfortable when they have to send their pets to the airline cargo for a long flight. We have no idea...
pet sitting

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Pet Sitter

With many people looking for more ways to make money, it seems that they are turning to pet sitting as an option. Pet sitters...
skin problems

How to Manage Skin Problems in Cats

Skin problems are one of the perks of cat ownership. Whether your kitty adventures into the great outdoors or not, there’s a good chance...
separation anxiety in dogs

Tips for Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day at work to find furniture destroyed, semi-fresh spots of urine on the carpet and shreds...
dogs and diseases

Your Pet Shares More Than Love With You – He Shares Diseases

We love our pets like they’re a member of our family, because they are. We hug them. Some of us kiss them. Some of...

Is It Healthy For Dogs to be Vegetarian?

Everyone has a say in what they feel is the best diet for his or her dogs – dry food vs. wet food, human...