pet aftercare

Pet Aftercare: What to Do With the Remains When He Passes Away

No one wants to think about having to say goodbye to their pets, but it’s a part of being pet owners. Inevitably, our pets...
greyhound adoption

Learn About Greyhound Adoption

The career of a racing greyhound is short. They begin racing at about a year and a half and are usually retired by the...

How Should You Care for Your Budgie?

Budgies are actually small parrots, which most people mistake as parakeets. These birds are talking pets as they can be tamed and taught how...
homemade pet food

Homemade Pet Food Causes Weight Loss and Savings

Pet food manufacturers are recalling pet food at an alarming rate. Pet owners worry over the possibility of feeding pets’ contaminated and unsafe food....
cleft palate

Meet Lentil and Learn How to Help Dogs with Cleft Palates

Meet Lentil, more often called Lenny, the French Bulldog puppy that has reached into the hearts of dog lovers across the internet. He’s only...
food allergies

Food Allergies in Cats and Dogs

No fleas, cuts, scrapes or signs of infection—so what in the world is making your pet scratch so much? The answer could be food...
exotic pets

Zoo Accepts Exotic Pets from Owners with No Other Choices

Has your exotic pet outgrown your home? One Florida zoo has a solution Florida is a haven for exotic pet owners. Maybe it’s the warm...
pit bulls

Should Pit Bulls be Sterilized to End the Breed?

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services (in California) has put forth a proposal to require all full and mix-breed pit bulls to be...
pet food recall

Salmonella Poisoning In Pet Food

More pet food recalls. BARF World and Bravo! announced last week that they are recalling some pet food due to Salmonella outbreaks in the...
pet theft

Pet Theft: Don’t Let It Happen to You

Pet theft is on the rise. Stolen dogs for sale on Craigslist have made the headlines more than once recently. Puppy thieves ...