PETA Euthanizes 2,000 Animals Each Year?

PETA is considered by many to be the most outspoken animal advocates on the planet. Why then, do they euthanize 2,000 dogs and cats...

Top Five Most Dog Friendly Cities in the US

Forget about school districts, weather, food and location. When it comes to measuring a city’s true worth, we all know what’s top dog …...

New Dog Sunny Joins the Obama Family

There’s a new face in the White House as Sunny joins the Obama family. Like Bo, Sunny is a Portuguese Water Dog. This breed has...
horse show

The Alternative Horse Show – Say What?

The Tennessee Walking Horse is a beauty to behold. It’s known for its 4-beat running walk and high-stepping gait, so much so, that there...
killer whale

Meet Springer: an Orphaned Killer Whale

In 2002, a young killer whale was noticed off the shores of Washington State in the Puget Sound. The whale was alone which is...
foster home

Needed: Foster Homes for Rescued Dogs

Foster homes are one of the hardest resources for rescue groups and shelters to find. They are used to house dogs that are awaiting...
blackfish documentary

Blackfish Documentary vs. SeaWorld – Behind the Killer Whale

SeaWorld has gone head to head with Blackfish documentary that claims that the theme park’s policy of keeping killer whales in captivity lead to...
puppy mill

San Diego Bans Sale of Puppy Mill Pets

San Diego is the 32nd city to ban the retail sale of puppy mill pets. The new pet store ban will restrict retail stores...
endangered animals

Have you Heard of These “Ugly” Endangered Animals?

Everyone knows about endangered species like the giant panda, tigers, gorillas, etc. Their faces are plastered all over posters, websites, and campaigns to save...
albino lions

Thai Police Find Albino Lions in Bangkok Warehouse

Thai police have arrested 41 year old, exotic pet shop owner, Montri Boonprom-on on charges of possessing wildlife animals and carcasses. Police conducted a...