Wednesday, October 21, 2020
exotic pets

Is It Ethical to Keep Exotic Animals as Pets?

While it might be tempting---and legal in certain states and certain parts of the world---to keep exotic wild animals as pets, is it really...

How to Help Wildlife Orphans This Spring

Spring is the season during which wild animals have plenty of babies. But if you come across an orphaned baby animal, is it okay...

Main Reason Why It’s Difficult to Treat Dogs Demodectic Mange

Getting rid of demodectic mange can be a rather difficult task, mainly because it seems that the treatments given for it don’t always work. ...

The Most Overlooked Animals in Shelters

Shelters aren't fun places for any animal, but certain individuals, in particular, find it harder to get adopted and have a much higher risk...
pet adoption

Pet Adoption: Where Else to Adopt Besides a Shelter?

Most cities and counties have that one go-to animal shelter (often named after the city it’s housed in), where we know, no matter what,...

RIP Social Media’s Celeb Dachshund Alan TBH Plumptre

Alan TBH Plumptre Social media has made stars out dogs, as well as people. Both Facebook and Twitter boast hundreds of accounts that are “written”...

Animals abandoned, rejected, and hoarded … by ‘no-kill’ shelters

Last month, the Portsmouth Humane Society (PHS) in Virginia—a shelter touting its "no-kill" goals—was busted for "adopting" some 300 feral cats and then quietly...
dog driving car

Driving Dogs Are Taking Over the World

Imagine driving down the highway, glancing over at the car in the lane next to you and seeing a dog driving the car –...

Teens Put Cat In Microwave – They’re Not The Only Ones

Two teenage girls from South Portland, Maine, garnered national (and international) attention earlier this month, but not for anything they or their families would...

Top 5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Pets

The players at GirlsgoGames, the largest gaming platform for tween girls, are very passionate about looking after their family pets and making sure they...