RIP Social Media’s Celeb Dachshund Alan TBH Plumptre

Alan TBH Plumptre Social media has made stars out dogs, as well as people. Both Facebook and Twitter boast hundreds of accounts that are “written”...

Shoplifting Dog and Lion Dog Go Viral

Shoplifting German Shorthaired Pointer The last few weeks have seen numerous examples of dogs coming into the public eye with stories that have gone viral....
nyc bodega cats

NYC Bodega Cats Become Neighborhood Staple

In the heart of New York City’s bodega jungle, a predator is lurking. Many stores are becoming homes to bodega cats. These cats keep...

Google StreetView Cameras Run Over Wild Animals?

You can’t go anywhere these days that hasn’t already been captured by one of the hordes of Google StreetView cameras. This type of infiltration...
dog driving car

Driving Dogs Are Taking Over the World

Imagine driving down the highway, glancing over at the car in the lane next to you and seeing a dog driving the car –...

Naming Budweiser’s New Clydesdale “Hope”

Clydesdale horses and Budweiser beer have gone hand in hoof since 1933. The Clydesdales made their first Super Bowl ad appearance in 1986 and...
smartest dog

What is the Smartest Dog? Dognition Aims to let You Know

I always knew my dog was smart, but now it seems I can finally prove it, thanks to Dognition. Dognition is an online web...
contenter for best in show

Check Out The Finalists For Westminster’s Best In Show

Swagger, a 20 month old Old English Sheepdog, is one of the contenders for the 137th Westminster Kennel Club dog show’s Best in Show...