pet custody

Divorce & Pet Custody: How Does it Work?

Many divorces can get very ugly, especially when custody issues arise. One of the biggest trends in the last decade in divorce law is...
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Monkey Pox No More! Have Prairie Dogs as Pets.

Looking for an intelligent, social, and super cute pet? How about a pet prairie dog? An exotic choice is a prairie dog. As an...

Seals on Board!

Ethan Janson is a 41 year old sports-photographer-turned-dentist, Seattle native that lives near the Puget Sound in Washington state. He had noticed that the...
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French Bulldogs: More Than Just a Cute Face

With those big bat ears and that endearing flat face full of character, it is not surprising that the popularity of French bulldogs, often...
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Dog Fighting vs. Dog Playing – What’s the Difference?

Getting the opportunity to let your dog play with a fellow canine is always a fun experience. Firstly, your dog is socializing, but secondly,...

The Problem with Feeding Birds an All-Seed Diet

Although seeds are a convenient and affordable option when it comes to feeding your pet bird, they actually aren't the best in terms of...
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Dog Scootering: What Is It and Is It Right for Your Dog?

Does your dog drag you down the street? Does it sometimes feel like your arm will be pulled out of the socket because he...

Can Animals Speak Different Languages?

Tell a Mexican-born Chihuahua “sit” and he’ll cock his head at you and wonder what it is you just muttered. But tell him “siéntate”...
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Dog Psychology: Is It Real?

Dog psychology is a relatively new field that has many supporters and just as many who feel it is a fraud. The American Psychological...
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Meet Springer: an Orphaned Killer Whale

In 2002, a young killer whale was noticed off the shores of Washington State in the Puget Sound. The whale was alone which is...