rescue animals

Colorado Adopts Rescue Animals as State Pets

Rescue dogs (and cats) are wagging their tails proudly today as a new bill just passed in their honor. As of Monday May 13,...
endangered animals

Have you Heard of These “Ugly” Endangered Animals?

Everyone knows about endangered species like the giant panda, tigers, gorillas, etc. Their faces are plastered all over posters, websites, and campaigns to save...
ag-gag laws

Ag-Gag Laws Almost Lead to a Prosecution in Utah

First Ag-Gag Prosecution Almost Comes to Fruition in Utah Amy Meyer was driving by the Dale Smith Meatpacking Company slaughterhouse in Utah when she decided...

Why Is My Dog…?

Answers To The Questions That Boggle Your Mind Dogs do some crazy things that make us scratch our heads and laugh. And while we’re entertained...
american heart association

American Heart Association: Dogs Are Good For Your Heart

File this one under: we knew it was so. The American Heart Association recently publicly released a statement declaring that pets, especially dogs, are good...
cadaver dog

Fire Chief Uses a Corpse to Train a Cadaver Dog, Without Permission

Would you want your loved one’s remains to be used to train cadaver dogs? This story takes the term “organ donor” to an entirely new...
pet bird

Top 8 Household Hazards to Pet Birds

Pet birds are surprisingly delicate, and many things in your home can actually pose a serious threat to their health and wellbeing. Continue reading...

5 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Breath

By nature your dog does not smell all-together good. From his fur to his mouth, all sorts of foul emits from your four-legged friend,...

The Hybrid Wolf Allure: What Fascinates Us About the Wolfdog?

You probably thought that vampires were the new fad after the Twilight books and films, right? But since vampires are hard to come by...

Harvard Research Center Closes After Death of 4 Monkeys

The death of four monkeys, since 2010 seems, to be enough to force the New England Primate Research Center at  Harvard to close its...