therapy dogs

The Boston Marathon Bombings and How Therapy Dogs Helped

The pain and suffering from any kind of tragedy isn’t only felt the instant tragedy strikes. All too often, the pain and suffering lingers...

Meet Norman: A Guinness Book of World Records holding sheepdog

Norman is a dog of multiple talents. The Briard, a French sheepdog, is also now a Guinness Book of World Records holder for the...
pet aftercare

Pet Aftercare: What to Do With the Remains When He Passes Away

No one wants to think about having to say goodbye to their pets, but it’s a part of being pet owners. Inevitably, our pets...
white moose

Sacred White Moose Killed by Hunters in Nova Scotia

Facebook gets a lot of folks into trouble with the law, their bosses, parents … But a couple of stoked hunters up in Canada...

How to Help Wildlife Orphans This Spring

Spring is the season during which wild animals have plenty of babies. But if you come across an orphaned baby animal, is it okay...

The Oregon Chub Minnow Triumphs Extinction

No one has ever really given the Oregon Chub Minnow much of a second (or first) thought … until now. Why would they? The...

New Dog Sunny Joins the Obama Family

There’s a new face in the White House as Sunny joins the Obama family. Like Bo, Sunny is a Portuguese Water Dog. This breed has...

5 Reasons Why Rats Make Great Pets

Although rats are often thought of as disease-ridden, dirty, mean, and scary, this stigma couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, anyone who...
exotic pets tiger

Where Are Exotic Pets Allowed?

For some people, having a pet tiger as a companion isn’t an impossible dream. In the United States, legally owning a wild animal can...

How To Treat Toy Aggression in Dogs

Toys are a great way for dogs to burn off energy and socialize. But they can be counterproductive if your dog doesn’t know how...