Monday, September 27, 2021
feral vs domestic cats

Domestic Cats in U.S. Responsible for Bird Deaths?

The feline’s sharp hunting instinct made them an invaluable companion animal for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians even revered them as gods. They...
murder westminster dog show

Murder at the Westminster Dog Show?!

Laurien Berenson has been writing murder mysteries set at dog shows for years but now North America’s most famous show may have a murder...
horse meat

Is It Really Okay to Eat Horse Meat?

A recent food uproar in Europe has opened up the debate on horse meat. Here in the U.S., the idea of eating horse meat...
vodka and dogs

Dogs and Vodka… An Unusual Duo

The “hair of the dog” is taking on new meaning these days. From a Ukrainian hunting dog that knows what his master really wants...
exotic pets tiger

Where Are Exotic Pets Allowed?

For some people, having a pet tiger as a companion isn’t an impossible dream. In the United States, legally owning a wild animal can...

The Iditarod: A Brief History, Fun Facts, and the 2013 Winner!

It’s that time of year again. One of the most gruelling races on Earth has begun. Over a thousand miles of Alaskan trail stretching...
cat allergies

For Those Who Have Cat Allergies, Is Relief Coming?

For the eight to ten percent of the population that have cat allergies, relief may be on the way. The second phase of clinical...
pit bull ban

Ontario Pit Bull Ban a Challenge for MLB Pitcher

Canadians are known for being kind and accepting people, but it seems they don’t extend this civility to dogs. Ontario has a province-wide ban on...

A Look Into Apes at US Zoos

The world is going ape! Though many of the great apes are endangered in the wild, they have been having a bit of a...

Seals on Board!

Ethan Janson is a 41 year old sports-photographer-turned-dentist, Seattle native that lives near the Puget Sound in Washington state. He had noticed that the...