Friday, September 29, 2023
black rhino

350k to Hunt Endangered Black Rhino?

Here’s a little fact: there are 4,000 black rhinos in the entire world, down from 70,000 in the 1960s. Here’s another fun fact: the...

Can You Catch a Cold From Your Cat?

Cats may be clean animals, but they certainly aren’t germ-free. While most of your pet’s pathogens pose no risk to people, there’s a good...
greyhound racing

Greyhound Friends Changes Focus as Greyhound Racing Dwindles

In one aspect, non-profit groups like Greyhound Friends in Massachusetts should be happy with the trend happening here in the states: greyhound racing is...

How To Treat Toy Aggression in Dogs

Toys are a great way for dogs to burn off energy and socialize. But they can be counterproductive if your dog doesn’t know how...

Could Your Pet Be Suffering from Depression?

Although veterinarians don't yet have a definitive answer, at least based on clinical research studies, as to whether or not pets can become depressed,...

Win a Free Box of Goodies for Your Dog Thanks to BarkBox!

Get Surprise Dog Gifts Every Month With BarkBox. Calling all subscription addicts! First there was shoes. Then makeup. Even jewelry. We indulge ourselves with monthly...

Animals That Mourn Their Dead

Sometimes we forget that despite our amazing and seemingly human-specific characteristics, we are, in fact, still animals. Which is why it shouldn’t be so...

The Hybrid Wolf Allure: What Fascinates Us About the Wolfdog?

You probably thought that vampires were the new fad after the Twilight books and films, right? But since vampires are hard to come by...
murder westminster dog show

Murder at the Westminster Dog Show?!

Laurien Berenson has been writing murder mysteries set at dog shows for years but now North America’s most famous show may have a murder...
prosthetic limbs

Prosthetic Limbs for Animals: How Does it Work?

While many pets can manage remarkably well with only three limbs, losing more than one limb tends to pose a much more significant problem....