Friday, September 29, 2023

Do Fish Feel Pain?

As a vegetarian, I’m often confronted with this: “Ah, but you eat fish, right?” The answer is no (at least currently), but my questioner’s...
dog treats

Endangered Whale Dog Treats Sold In Japan

Pampered pets are seen everywhere in the US. Clothes, spas, day care, and high end pet foods are the norm for pet parents in...
mike tyson

Mike Tyson’s Ex Girlfriend Cooked and Ate His Pigeon

Mike Tyson has eaten ear before (at the expense of Evander Holyfield) but at least he’s never eat pigeon. His ex-girlfriend, on the other...

Seals on Board!

Ethan Janson is a 41 year old sports-photographer-turned-dentist, Seattle native that lives near the Puget Sound in Washington state. He had noticed that the...
digestive tract

How to Naturally Strengthen Your Dog’s Digestive Tract

Your dog's digestive tract is much more important than you realize. In addition to being responsible for breaking down food and removing toxins from...
flatworm penis

What is the Most Diverse Animal Organ?

They’re bigger, they’re stronger, and some of them come in multiples. Some animals use them to hunt, swat flies, or grope things. Some animals...

The Oregon Chub Minnow Triumphs Extinction

No one has ever really given the Oregon Chub Minnow much of a second (or first) thought … until now. Why would they? The...