5 Adorable Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed


One of the many things that pet owners have to come to terms with is fur around the house. It becomes a fact of life, and cleaning up clumps of hair off the sofa or bed is just another chore that needs to be accomplished. But for individuals who don’t want to spend hours cleaning up pet fur, and for those who suffer with allergies from excessive fur and dander in the environment, there’s hope.

Several dog breeds shed such small amounts of fur that it’s difficult to tell that there is an animal in the house. Five of these absolutely adorable and completely loveable low-shed dog breeds are listed below. Just keep in mind that there are many other breeds out there that hardly shed, so if you have been holding off on getting a dog because of allergies or concerns about cleanliness, now is the best time to find the breed of your dreams.

1. Yorkshire Terrier yorkshire terrierYorkies are some of the cutest dogs out there and, if you have been avoiding getting a dog because of the shedding issues you think you’d be facing, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that these little guys hardly shed. They are also friendly, easy to travel with, and great for people living in apartments and small homes.

2. Daschund Often jokingly referred to as “hot dogs,” these little pooches have long bodies and short legs, pushing the cute factor to its limit. These guys love to play and their coats leave nothing behind, making it easy to maintain a clean home. Choose between the wirehaired or the smooth Daschund, as both are easy to keep clean and surprisingly light shedders.

3. Maltese maltese At first glance, you might think that the Maltese’s long white fur would leave a trail in its wake, but the truth is that these gentle and friendly little dogs hardly shed. Just make sure you brush the coat daily and bring your dog for regular grooming sessions, as this will keep the fur looking lustrous and prevent painful tangles and matting.

4. Bichon Frise Bichon Frise are about as close as you can get to a dog that does not shed. Yet another breed that does not look like a non-shedder at first glance, the Bichon Frise has a curly double coat that, although prone to matting without regular grooming, is one that will not leave a mess behind. These dogs are also great for individuals who suffer with allergies when they are around canines.

5. Italian Greyhound The thin coat on Italian Greyhounds means these small dogs won’t shed, and they are also perfect for people who typically deal with sneezing, watery eyes, and other allergic reactions to dog dander and fur. These dogs prefer warm environments, though they don’t mind small spaces. Plus, they are super loyal and fun to be around, as they are always ready to play.



  1. omg, dude!! please first LEARN what breeds have hair verses fur…. ALL of your breeds are WRONG! very very wrong.
    please don’t quit your day job.

    Dachshunds DO shed!!! and so DO IGs.. in fact ALL dogs shed!! some just shed less then others… ugh ugh ugh.

    • Thanks for your comment. To clarify, throughout the article, I made sure to mention that these dogs are low shedders (in the intro, for example, I wrote “Five of these…low-shed dog breeds are listed below”).

      I linked to my sources, but here is another list of dogs that “don’t shed,” or come close to it: Look for the article “Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed” on DogChannel’s website. All of the breeds I listed in this article are also on the DogChannel list. Another site that mentions the breeds I included in my list is The Kennel Club’s “Dogs That Don’t Shed: Large and Smell Breeds.” (I’m unable to include direct links to these pages, as Disqus will mark my comment as spam if I do.)

      Although the commonly used title “Dogs That Don’t Shed” may seem confusing, the assumption is that people know that every dog will shed to some extent (even humans shed hair); it’s more about which dog breeds shed a lot less.

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