guard dogs

Guard Dogs – a Necessity or a Danger?

Last week, a Massachusetts 14-year-old was nearly killed by two Rottweilers after jumping a fence at a Boston-area construction yard to play with the...

The Hybrid Wolf Allure: What Fascinates Us About the Wolfdog?

You probably thought that vampires were the new fad after the Twilight books and films, right? But since vampires are hard to come by...
french bulldog

French Bulldogs: More Than Just a Cute Face

With those big bat ears and that endearing flat face full of character, it is not surprising that the popularity of French bulldogs, often...

Can You Catch a Cold From Your Cat?

Cats may be clean animals, but they certainly aren’t germ-free. While most of your pet’s pathogens pose no risk to people, there’s a good...
dog ate pennies

I wish my dog ate my homework, but instead he ate this…

A 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier, named Jack, gave his owner, Tim Kelleher, a scare recently. When trying to reach a bag of...
cat spay

Alley Cat Rescue Hosts Free Feral Cat Spay Day

Mt. Rainier, MD— On April 27, 2012, Alley Cat Rescue (ACR) will be hosting its Fourth Annual Free Feral Cat Spay Day to encourage...
dog park

Proper Dog Park Etiquette for You and Your Dog

For those of us in the know – dog parks can be a fantastic place to spend some time with your dog. For those...

Seals on Board!

Ethan Janson is a 41 year old sports-photographer-turned-dentist, Seattle native that lives near the Puget Sound in Washington state. He had noticed that the...

A Look Into Apes at US Zoos

The world is going ape! Though many of the great apes are endangered in the wild, they have been having a bit of a...
cat allergies

For Those Who Have Cat Allergies, Is Relief Coming?

For the eight to ten percent of the population that have cat allergies, relief may be on the way. The second phase of clinical...