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Is Having a Pet Pig Like Having a Pet Dog?

George Clooney’s longest relationship to date isn’t with some long-legged model or ex-female-wrestler. It’s with a pet pig named Max. Max, a Vietnamese pot...
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Top 5 Strangest NYC Animal Sightings

Earlier this month, N-train riders saw a strange sight on their daily commute. Of course seeing strange sights on any NYC train isn’t all...
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5 Signs Your Pet Bird is Sick

Because birds are prey animals, they'll mask signs of illness until they can't fake it any longer. This helps them survive in the wild,...
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Is It Ethical to Keep Exotic Animals as Pets?

While it might be tempting---and legal in certain states and certain parts of the world---to keep exotic wild animals as pets, is it really...

Llamas, an Environmentally Friendly Pet

30,000 people in the United States own Llamas. Two of them are living in New York with 55 llamas. ABC news interviewed this couple...
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Are the Exotic Pet Laws In Ohio too Strict?

Zanesville, Ohio has been called the “wild west of animal ownership” with good reason. The large number of exotic pets living in Ohio reaches...
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Mike Tyson’s Ex Girlfriend Cooked and Ate His Pigeon

Mike Tyson has eaten ear before (at the expense of Evander Holyfield) but at least he’s never eat pigeon. His ex-girlfriend, on the other...
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Zoo Accepts Exotic Pets from Owners with No Other Choices

Has your exotic pet outgrown your home? One Florida zoo has a solution Florida is a haven for exotic pet owners. Maybe it’s the warm...

Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Pet Reptile

Although you might be tempted to make a spur-of-the-moment purchase on an adorable baby lizard or even a frog or snake while browsing your...