Friday, September 29, 2023
animal shelter

Animal Shelter Drop Boxes: Are They Safe?

Animal lovers are distraught over drop boxes in use at the Rutherford County Animal Shelter but officials say it may be the best option...

How to Know If Someone Is An Animal Hoarder

No one expected to find 199 animals in this rather unremarkable single-family home located in a quiet, somewhat affluent, suburb of Boston, Mass. But...

Protecting Your Pet During The Holidays

BREA, Calif., Nov. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- From snacking on human treats to biting colorful light bulbs, as the winter holiday season draws closer, pet...
pet acupuncture

Pet Acupuncture – Is it More Than Just a Bunch of Needles?

Pet owners are known for coming up with creative ways to take care of their pets .. but … pet acupuncture? Even in 2013, acupuncture...
dog born from frozen embryo

Dog’s Birth from Frozen Embryo is Good News for Endangered Animals

The birth of one ordinary dog could open the path to survival for endangered canine species like the American red wolf. Klondike, a nine...
cage free

What Does Cage Free Really Mean? The Life of a Cage Free Chicken

We’ve all seen or heard the phrase “Cage Free” somewhere, probably in the grocery store. But what does cage free actually mean? Is it...

French Bulldog Stolen at Gunpoint Returned to Owner

TAMPA, Fl - A French Bulldog, Bueller, and his owner were reunited tonight after a whirlwind of a weekend. On Friday evening, Derek McComber...

The Dangers of Backyard Zoos

The arm of a woman who works at the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Oklahoma was nearly torn from the woman’s body last...
white moose

Sacred White Moose Killed by Hunters in Nova Scotia

Facebook gets a lot of folks into trouble with the law, their bosses, parents … But a couple of stoked hunters up in Canada...

Teens Put Cat In Microwave – They’re Not The Only Ones

Two teenage girls from South Portland, Maine, garnered national (and international) attention earlier this month, but not for anything they or their families would...