Friday, September 29, 2023

Cat Hides For 200 Miles, Authorities Can’t Find Owner

We need your help to find the owner of this cat. From the Dayton Daily News: "A male cat that survived a four-hour, 200-mile ride...

Zambia Bans Trophy Hunting to Encourage Ecotourism

Zambia has decided to follow Kenya and Botswana down the road to eliminating trophy hunting. Zambian Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo made the announcement that...

Goldfish Could be Banned in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA - The San Francisco Animal Control and Welfare Commission is suggesting a citywide ban on goldfish, guppy, and tropical fish sales in an...

Summer Presents Challenges for Pet Owners

April showers bring May flowers, but June, July, and August bring some seriously high temperatures. It turns out that we’re not the only ones...

Large Dog Pet Owners Reap Benefits of $5000 Grant

Merriam, KS - If you live close to Kansas City, get your calendars out and make an appointment to get your large dog spayed...
canine lifetime health study

New Study Looks To Explain Higher Cancer Risk in Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are considered by many to be the ideal family dog. According to the American Kennel Club, they are the fourth most popular...

The Most Overlooked Animals in Shelters

Shelters aren't fun places for any animal, but certain individuals, in particular, find it harder to get adopted and have a much higher risk...
stray dog

Stray Dogs in Detroit are a Growing Problem

Bloomberg News made headlines everywhere when they published a story on August 21st that claimed 50,000 stray dogs are roaming the streets of Detroit....