Cat Killer Petition Gets 15,000 Signatures

Mr. Frank and Piggy, the two victims of killer Russell Swigart

Frankfort, KY – Russell Swigart is not your ordinary killer. In 2008 rather than kill Bridget Wright, a co-worker he had been threatening, he chose to break in to her condo while she was away to torture and kill her two pet cats.

While Kentucky has been notorious for poor enforcement of pet-protection laws, Swigart was prosecuted for the executions of Wright’s cats under Romeo’s Law and sentenced to 12 years in prison, 10 years for Breaking & Entering and 2 years for two counts of torture of a dog or cat. He is up for parole this week.

Bridget was not about to let him leave prison without serving out his time for his horrific crimes. She launched a petition at to collect the signatures of supporters who wanted to see Swigart serve the remainder of his time.

In her letter Wright cites multiple incidents where Swigart killed other pets to send messages to other women he disliked. This history of murder makes the man a clear danger to society and she has appealed to the Governor to see him serve his full sentence.

“What Bridgett Wright is doing here is remarkable,” said Ben Rattray, founder and CEO of “Instead of living in fear, she’s taken the issue into her own hands, reached out to people all over the country and gathered an incredible amount of support for holding Mr. Swigart accountable for his violent crimes.”

Swigart’s attorney, Ashley Bellamy, has opined that her client is being unfairly maligned and has been a model prisoner. “What we have in our country is a justice system, not a revenge system,” she said.

Of concern is that Swigart is not a one-time offender, and Kenton County prosecutor, Justin Sanders, who prosecuted this case stated, “It is not unreasonable to believe that he may even be a serial killer in the making.”

A decision has not yet been made by the parole board.