How to Ensure You Get the Best Dog for Your Lifestyle


If you’ve recently made the decision to bring a dog into your household, there are a few factors you will want to take into consideration to ensure you decide on the best match for your lifestyle. 

Not all dogs are created equally and neither are the lifestyles of humans, so it is in the best interest of both you and the potential dog to carefully consider how different dog breeds will be better suited to different environments.

These three things to consider are the suggestions of Best Friends Animal Society, where the mission is to bring about a time when there are no more homeless pets:

1. Find a personality match.  Some dog owners like their pups to be right on their lap as much as possible, while others prefer a companion who is a little more independent.  While breed can have some effect on this, it also largely depends on the individual dog.  Meeting a dog at a shelter will let you spend a little time together to see if you’re a good combination.

2. Be honest about your lifestyle.  Everyone has a different schedule, and dogs have schedules of their own.  If you’re away from home a lot, consider dogs that have lower energy levels and minimal exercise demands.  However, if you love to go for a run in the morning and a long stroll every evening, you might be a good match for a dog that has a bit more of a get-up-and-go demeanor. 

Also consider the size of the home you will be bringing a new dog into.  There are certain dogs that are better suited to apartment-style living, while others will adapt better to large areas to run.

3. How much maintenance?  Some dogs have wash-and-wear coats that don’t require grooming other than a nice bath every so often.  Others will need to be combed and still others will need haircuts to keep their coat in check, or to be more comfortable in the summer heat. 

Opt for a dog with a coat that matches the level of dedication you’re ready to put into grooming, keeping in mind that it’s not too much of a hassle for any dog.  Also remember that you’ll need to care for his teeth and toenails to keep him feeling his best.