Saturday, September 30, 2023
dog fighting

Dog Fighting vs. Dog Playing – What’s the Difference?

Getting the opportunity to let your dog play with a fellow canine is always a fun experience. Firstly, your dog is socializing, but secondly,...
therapy dogs

Therapy Dogs: How Do They Help?

  The use of dogs to assist people with autism is well documented. There have also been many studies that have demonstrated the positive effects...

How to Train Loud Pets

By talking to your pets and giving them the attention they crave, they'll be a lot more likely to talk back to you, barking...

Meet Kabang: A Shepherd Mix and Hero from the Philippines

  Kabang is a shepherd mix whose name means “different colours” in the local dialect of her home in Zamboanga, in the southern part of...
animal chiropractor

Animal Chiropractors: What to Know

Although there has been anecdotal evidence of chiropractic therapy being used on animals for centuries, there was no formal organization or training available until...
dog bad breath

Preventing Pet Bad Breath with Standard Tooth TLC

Bad breath can be as bad for pets as it is for humans. The accumulation of bacteria in the narrow spaces between teeth and...
urinary tract

Feline Urinary Tract Disease: A Common Problem With Natural Remedies

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in felines, with urethral obstruction more common in males than...
dog walker

America’s First Pro Dog Walker Dies

Anyone who’s been to NYC will notice that, despite it seeming like anything but a dog’s paradise, many dogs walk along city streets, and...

Top Five Most Dog Friendly Cities in the US

Forget about school districts, weather, food and location. When it comes to measuring a city’s true worth, we all know what’s top dog …...
dog tattoo

Dog Tattoos – Cruel or Cool?

Ernesto Rodriguez of Stokes County North Carolina, who owns a tattoo parlor in Pilot Mountain, created quite an uproar on Facebook recently when he...