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The Perfect Pocket Pets for Kids

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Things to Consider Before Getting a Real Easter Bunny

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Body Language and Vocalizations: What’s Your Cat Really Saying?

Unlike dogs who wag their tails, smile, whimper, and give other pretty obvious clues about what they're feeling and thinking, cats can be a...

A Holistic Approach to Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Hyperthyroidism is a common condition that affects many middle-aged and senior cats. And, according to the ASPCA, it's also the most common glandular disease...
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How To Introduce Your New Baby to Your Dog

We often say that babies have a unique smell and presence that changes our lives and homes instantly. We’re dead on, and our dogs...
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Take These Steps to Find Your Lost Dog

We think we’re doing everything right. We get dog collars, leashes and tags. We implant chips, train our pets and never let them out...
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Feline Urinary Tract Disease: A Common Problem With Natural Remedies

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in felines, with urethral obstruction more common in males than...

Spring Is In the Air, but Keep These Dangerous Flowers Away from Your Pets

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The Importance of Playtime with Your Cat

Although felines can be independent, they also crave companionship and playtime with their human guardians and with other cats. Taking just a little bit...

How to Know If Someone Is An Animal Hoarder

No one expected to find 199 animals in this rather unremarkable single-family home located in a quiet, somewhat affluent, suburb of Boston, Mass. But...