Win a Free Box of Goodies for Your Dog Thanks to BarkBox!



Get Surprise Dog Gifts Every Month With BarkBox.

Calling all subscription addicts! First there was shoes. Then makeup. Even jewelry. We indulge ourselves with monthly presents through the mail, isn’t it time we included our favorite dogs? Now we can spread the joy around with BarkBox. BarkBox provides monthly product deliveries dedicated to man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

BarkBox is located in New York City and founded by three pet parents; their goal is to make your pet happy and healthy. Team BarkBox finds the coolest new doggie products on the market and then ships them to your front door. Meet Scout, the head toy tester.

Each box contains four to six products a month. Products are hand tested by dogs before entering the monthly subscription box. Products include treats, toys, and hygiene products. BarkBox calls the products “life-enriching”; and only provides products that will benefit dogs mental and physical health. No junk food or mind numbing toys allowed.

A search for “barkbox” will provide you with lots of YouTube and blog reviews on the products. So far all reviews have been positive. posted a picture and a review on her blog. The picture of the February BarkBox shows Get Naked Treats (which helped her pups bad breath), a Penguin from Sprocket Pet Goods, a chew toy from Pet Qwerks that stimulates the gums while chewing, a $10 coupon from, and treats from Wet Noses. She noted her dogs loved each toy and treat. Others deliveries contained Whole Life Pet Organic Freeze Dried Sweet Potato, Bark worthies Bully Stick, Zukes Z-bones, Zigoo Pets Crinket Toy, Harry Barker Hemp Bone, Feelgood Teeny Treats – Liver Lover’s Gourmet Mix, Lollycadoodle Mouse, Little Eatz Peanut Butter Cookies, and an Angie’s List Coupon / Bag Holder.

A blogger writes that she saves money by not having to test treats and toys that her dog may not like. The box is less expensive than buying retail and products are already dog approved. Another blogger tallied the retail values of the contents and the overall box value was much higher than the monthly subscription fee.

Subscription fees vary based on the length of time chosen at sign up. Term options are monthly, three months or six months. All terms are paid upfront. If you order six months – you pay six months at sign up. Plans start as low as $19 per month. With an average of over $100 spent per month on pets in the US, this can feel like a steal to some pet parents. However, if it feels a little lavish for your furry friend you can rest easy. 10% of BarkBox profits go to a local shelter or rescue group. Pet parents can indulge their dog while providing comfort to another.

With over 74,000 likes on facebook, it doesn’t look like BarkBox will be slowing down anytime soon. If you hurry, you can get your own surprise pet gift box on the 15th of May! The cutoff date is the 10th of each month.

*****This month, AllPetNews is happy to announce we are giving away one free BarkBox to a lucky reader (and pet owner)! To enter, comment below letting us (1) the name of your dog, (2) his/her favorite toy, and (3) his/her favorite treat. The winner will be chosen at random this Thursday, May 9th, at 5pm (EST). 


  1. My one dog’s name is Fussy (English Springer Spaniel, 12 1/2 years old). Her favorite toys are large stuffed animals and interactive toys. Her favorite treats are anything soft and dehydrated beef heart chews. She has an aging mouth so anything super hard she can’t eat anymore.

  2. I have two boxer boys. the oldest is Jase and his favorite toy is his tennis ball. He’s obsessed! His favorite treats are carrots! The other is Moose. His favorite toy is his rope and his favorite treat is jerky! They would love to try their first barkbox!

  3. This is awesome! We are looking to adopt a greyhound very soon(we are in contact with the rescue now) and we would like to donate the box to Rescued Racers! Most greyhounds love stuffies we hear and any special treat!

  4. Samson! he is a yorkie and he loves any toy and LOVES!! Dentastix (mini) getting dressed up, And LOVES!! barkbox 😀


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