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dangerous dogs

Dangerous Dogs by the Decade

People often remember decades by the music and wardrobes. The 70s were disco and bellbottoms. The 80s were hair-band and leather. The 90s were...
moving pets

Moving Pets Cross Country? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Moving your entire life across the country can be a fun, and scary, time in your life. It’s your chance to start fresh, plant...

5 Tips for Gaining Rent Approval with a Pet

There are a lot of tiny things we fail to think about when we’re considering whether to get a pet (fur and hair all...
miss usa

Miss USAs Pose Naked for PETA to Fight Fur

When we hear about a beauty queen’s nude pics, we usually expect it to be some kind of scandal that forces her to give...
pet pig

Is Having a Pet Pig Like Having a Pet Dog?

George Clooney’s longest relationship to date isn’t with some long-legged model or ex-female-wrestler. It’s with a pet pig named Max. Max, a Vietnamese pot...
funny animal videos

Funny Animal Videos are a YouTube Trend

A viral video is a video that has become inexplicably popular, so popular that is shared by friends around the world to a degree...
dogs in tights

Dogs in Tights: The Chinese Pet Trend

In China, a trend has taken the internet by storm. Dogs in tights - otherwise known as Gou Gou Chuan Siwa. A google image...
dog poop

Making The Most of Dog Poop – Heat and Energy!

What’s your first reaction when you see (or even smell) dog poop. Maybe it’s “aw, crap.” Maybe you turn your head, and walk away....

In the Art of Dancing, Animals Take Top Spot

With the longtime success of dance competitions including “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars,” it’s no doubt that we...

Can My Dog Eat Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to join together for one monster of a meal. When you look at it on paper...