Crickets Raised For Pet-Reptile Food Face Lethal Virus

A paralyzing virus is sweeping through cricket farms in the United States and Canade, killing over 100 million crickets and jeopardizing the businesses of cricket farmers in North America. First appearing in Europe in 2002, the virus has made its way to the United States and is devastating cricket farms dedicated to providing a food source to pet reptile owners and zoos around the country.

‘Angry Cats’ Among Reasons For Decline In Vet Visits, Bayer Study Reveals

SHAWNEE, Kan. - Bayer Animal Health, in partnership with Brakke Consulting and the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues (NCVEI), released the details of...

Staggering: Only 11% Of Pet Owners Consider Age When Buying Pet Food

Mason, Oh - A study commissioned by Iams® has revealed that only one in 10 Americans consider the age of their pet when selecting...

Veterinarians: Fish Oil Essential to Dog Health

Plano, TX - The benefits of maintaining a diet rich in fish oil extends beyond humans, veterinarians say.  Due to the lack of nutrients...

Humane Society Reminding Pet Owners To Dangers Of Winter Cold

Tucson, Az - Storm, a three-month-old tabby was rescued in critical condition earlier this week after she was found by an apartment manager after...

Only 1% Of Owners Brush Pets Teeth

Nashville, TN - Even with the increase in awareness about pet dental health and it's overall effects of wellness it provides pets, the majority...

Stem Cell Therapy Now More Affordable For Pets

Nicholasville, KY - For pet owners who have watched their animals experience lameness and pain there is good news that provides an alternative to...

Illness In Many Cats Reflective Of Stress, Not Sickness

Columbus, OH - Different routines, strange noises, and negative attention can cause healthy cats to exhibit signs of sickness a three-year study conducted at...

This Winter Giving Pets Cabin Fever

Montclair, NJ – During the long winter months that are known to be dark and cold, especially in the North Eastern United States, cabin...

New Home For Handicapped Pets

Frederick, MD – It wasn’t long after Joyce Darrell and husband Michael Dickerson adopted Duke, a 6-month-old white shepherd mix, from the local shelter...