Your iPhone Could Save Your Pets Life


Guelph, Ontario – To help with need for rapid information by Veterinarians in the event of pet emergency LifeLearn, Inc. has developed a secure app called MyPetED  for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad, to store vital pet information which is readily available at all times.  Now dog and cat owners can keep a complete medical profile for their pets while having the ability to instantly contact the pets veterinarian as well as providing other helpful services to pet owners.

“The MyPetED app can be especially valuable in urgent pet health situations,” said James Carroll, CEO of the veterinary division of LifeLearn, Inc.  “Imagine a dog owner traveling with her dog, which suddenly starts to shake and vomit.  The owner clicks on the MyPetED app on her iPhone and finds an article on vomiting in dogs and cats, which not only gives her good information but also directs her to contact her veterinarian.”

Carroll continues, “She then uses the MyPetED app to locate an emergency veterinarian in her area, and when she arrives, she has access to her pet’s medical history:  vaccinations, screenings, current medications, weight, diet, last veterinarian visit, and previous health problems.  This is just one of the many scenarios that MyPetED apps are designed to support.”

While this App will not replace the care given by a trained veterinarian, it can provide the vet with valuable and even critical information about the pet being treated. Dr. Lynn Buzhardt of The Animal Center in Zachary, Louisiana, said, “There’s nothing better than this app for busy, conscientious pet owners who want to keep up with their pet’s care. I’d be delighted to have my clients enter our exam rooms with insights into their pet’s condition, as well as a complete picture of their pet’s medical history.  When I ask questions about a pet’s medical history, owners often don’t know the answers. The MyPetED app can eliminate these issues for veterinarians and equip them to better care for their patients.”

MyPetED apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are available in the iTunes App Store.