Lucky Dog Appears on “The View”

Photo by Bridget Albert - Orange resident Denise Mirto and her faithful companion Franco recently appeared on the ABC hit show The View promoting animal shelter awareness and adoptions.

Orange, CT – In an annual effort to raise awareness of animal shelters and the many homeless pets that are available for adoption, popular ABC daytime television talk show, “The View”, hosts their Mutt Show in the hopes of bringing new lives and new homes to these loving animals.  Franco, a four-year old dog from Orange, was one of the six lucky dogs chosen to be a celebrity for a day on the talk show.

“The View” starts by placing an announcement on their website, asking viewers if they have a rescue mutt they think is a “Best in Show” canine.  Following the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, viewers are already motivated to show off their dogs, however mutt-like they may be!  Franco’s owners, Denise and Bob Mirto, happened to see this announcement on the website, and sent in their submission.  The Mirto family was proud to find out that “The View” thought Franco was also a Best in Show.

Franco was especially pampered after being chosen; when Franco’s mobile groomer Marcia Harrison, learned of his upcoming television appearance, she stopped by to give him a shampoo and rinse, as well as a special bone to bring along for good luck.

The good luck wishes from all who knew Franco and the Mirto family paid off.  As soon as they arrived, “we were treated like stars,” said the Mirto’s, while staying at the Parker Meridan Hotel.  Filming and prepping began the day before airing on television, and had Franco and Denise Mirto spending the day with the other five dogs who were chosen for this special honor.  Bob Mirto spent his time with actress, Whoopi Goldberg, in the Green Room, where she lovingly talked about her 9 year-old cat.  “She’s a fun and genuine person,” Bob said about Whoopi, “she has a cat that has become a big part of her life.”

The Mirto family was happy to take Franco to be on the show, in the hope of raising awareness of all that animal shelters do.  With the numbers of homeless pets increasing, it has become the mission of the Mutt Show to help people rescue these animals.   Pedigree Dog Food, the episodes sponsor, donated $10,000 to the Animal League during the show, which was judged by David Frei, director of communications and the voice of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, held recently in Madison Square Gardens.

Franco and the five other dogs chosen did a great job while filming, and have surely inspired pet lovers across America to adopt their next pet from an animal shelter.