Uproar Over Maryland’s Discrimination Against Pit Bulls


MARYLAND – The Maryland Court of Appeals has officially made an extremely misguided declaration that all pit bull-type dogs are inherently dangerous.  This horrible decision, handed down by Judge Dale R. Cathell, is already having a negative effect on these types of dogs in Maryland, as owners are being forced to abandon them for fear of being evicted from their places of residence.

The Court of Appeals made this decision last week and it effects more than the dogs; anyone in custody of this type of dog including owners, landlords, veterinarians, kennels, animal shelters, and rescue groups are considered liable even if the dog does not pose a threat.  Reactive measures of this decision are:

  • the number of strays of pit bull-type dogs will certainly increase in the state of Maryland
  • people are being forced to either give up their dogs or move out of the state
  • the number of pit bull-type dogs in shelters having to be euthanized will increase
  • rage caused by this decision will increase riot activity in the state (in the case of protestors)
  • Maryland citizens will live in fear of packs of abandoned pit bull-type dogs
  • Maryland citizens will bear a financial burden of these packs of dogs

The decision is severely misguided due to the fact that a pit bull-type dog is not born aggressive.  Socialization (or lack thereof), environment, type of owner, and other factors go into how these dogs become animals to fear.  For the Court of Appeals to discriminate over the entire line of pit bull-type dogs is massively unfair and detrimental to a huge number of dogs and their owners.

Because the decision effects all pit bull-type dogs, it includes dogs that just look like pit bulls.  In fact, according to a recent study conducted at the University of Florida by the Maddie’s Fund Shelter Medicine Program which looked at a group of 120 dogs at four animal shelters, shelter staff identified 55 dogs as “pit bulls” when in actuality only 25 of them were confirmed as pit bulls by DNA analysis.  In addition to that, the staff failed to identify 20 percent of the dogs who were pit bulls by DNA analysis, while only 8 percent of the “true” pit bulls were identified by all staff members.  So who ultimately decides which dogs the discrimination law will effect?

This decision is one that will cause uproar and backlash until further changes are made.


  1. Thank God Common Sense is beginning to prevail, let the Pidiots 100 Year Propoganda campaign suffer the same fate as their beloved Pitbulls – Extinction – The truth is always the last to arrive, and it has been 100 years coming, no longer do we have to hear the Pidiots nonsense and propaganda. No longer will we have to hear of a child’s face being ripped to shreds by a Pitbull, or maimed or killed. I say Good Riddance – No normal human being could ever own one of this breed of dog, only a psychopath would own one of these dogs, and their are many socio-paths among us. I say lock up anyone who openly sponsors child murder, and Pitbull lovers are the number one sponsors of Child Murder – Pidiots truly make me sick.

  2. Wow…looks like this ruling creates way more problems than any they think it might solve. All my neighbors know my pitbulls are gentle creatures. They are smart and get out of the yard every now and then, and any stranger can walk right up to them and bring them back to me. Especially categorizing any pit bull like dog is completely ridiculous.

  3. Instead of public officals going to peoples homes and taking their family members, they should watch for the owners who deserve the criminal justice the ones who teach this beloved creature to fight. Anyone can teach any type of dog to fight, Poodles will be next. I own a 6 year old pit that is the most loveable pet I have ever had. My 19 month old grandson rides him like a horse and he has never been agressive towards anyone in the family, in fact my cat and my pit bull sleep together on a regular basis. I want to be apart of the fight for the unfairly judged most loving pet the pit bull.

  4. Well, here it is 2 years after the ruling. Since then, an attempt was made in Baltimore city to prevent ownership of Pitbulls. Didn’t pass.
    But to this date, no packs of Pitbulls roaming the city, nor no violent hordes rioting, as the author facetiously suggests.
    Maybe some rental or low-income owners have been evicted or have given up their Pits, as they know they can’t be irresponsible and train their beasts for fighting or maiming others, nor can they just stick their untrained and unfed beasts in the back yard where they can escape & threaten others, because they would suffer financial and legal consequences.
    The ruling was a sound ruling and an intelligent one, as pet owners realize they are indeed responsible for their actions and those of their pets, and fewer will be tempted to own one that could be dangerous, or uncared for.
    This kind of negative stereotyping by the blogger here is as bad or worse than the people who would automatically ban this breed or any breed.

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