Top 50 Most Popular Names for Cats


For so many aspiring pet owners the most difficult part about adding a member to the family isn’t what kind of pet you will get, but what will you name it after you get it!  If you are trying to decide on the best name for your new cat, look no further than this list of the top 50 most popular names.

50. Rocky
49. Bailey
48. Milo
47. Felix
46. Jasper
45. Sam
44. Gracie
43. Oscar
42. Toby
41. Misty
40. Lily
39. Oliver
38. Sasha
37. Pumpkin
36. Cali
35. Garfield
34. Sophie
33. Kiki
32. Cleo
31. Callie
30. Missy
29. Pepper
28. Sammy
27. Fluffy
26. Daisy
25. Molly
24. Charlie
23. Jack
22. Chloe
21. Boots
20. Precious
19. Lucy
18. Simba
17. Lucky
16. Buddy
15. Sassy
14. Midnight
13. Patches
12. Bella
11. Gizmo
10. Oreo
9. Angel
8. Max
7. Princess
6. Baby
5. Tigger
4. Shadow
3. Smokey
2. Tiger
1. Kitty

As a cat lover myself, I have had 4 cats who have all had names that fall onto this list!  How many of these are names you’ve used for your cats?


  1. I have a Tigger but also have a Michileen (micki) a name that will never make a list, but a stray that hid in an auto shop amongst the Michelin tires..

  2. My brother had a Milo but none of our other cats’ names appear on the list.

    In order of appearance:
    Pinky, Milo, Suzy, Angela, Colorado, Denver, Trixie & Celestine

  3. Had a Tigger once but other cats were Bitsy, Rascal, Georgie Mittens, Bandit, Frieda, Agatha, Boomer, and current one is Roo who has one underdeveloped front paw that doesn’t reach the floor. His walk is rather lurching–sort of like a kangaroo.

  4. The only one off the list that I’ve had, I once had a Bailey.

    We now have Tiki, Charles (NOT Charlie) and Goliath, aka Golly.

  5. I have a Sam, but he goes by Blue, Misha Blue, Smeesh and just about anything BUT Sam (he’s a Russian Blue). Then I have Jake, Ophelia, Zander, and Tyler. All cats.

  6. I have four Tabbies, Murphies, Memphis, Milan and Screach (because he screaches for his food. Ive had Siamese named, Honda, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Samari, WonTon and Saki.

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