Appalling Story of Starved Pit Bull Turns Tragic


Detroit, MI – What started as a sad story of a pit bull being found starved and abandoned in Detroit has quickly turned into a tragic tale of untimely and inhumane death.  On November 4th, a dog now referred to as Ace, was found outside of an Ace Department store, practically skin and bones due to starvation and lack of fluids.  Once picked up by animal control, the pit bull was taken to their facility.

Due to the media attention that Ace’s discovery brought, a woman who recognized him as her stolen dog came forward with proof that she was the owner.  Once Nitta Moses and a member of the Detroit Dog Rescue, Hush, attempted to claim Ace, they were shown a dog that was clearly not the same one found outside of the department store.

More and more questions started arising, with the main one being, where is Ace, the dog found by animal control.  Members of the Detroit Dog Rescue then obtained legal counsel as it was feared that animal control had already killed Ace, despite the okay from city council members to spare his life and allow him to be surrendered to a rescue organization, as well as an injunction by the court prohibiting his execution.

The fear of Ace having been killed turned into a reality when it was realized that Detroit Animal Control did in fact terminate his life as an easy way out of having to prove that the woman who came forward was in fact his proper owner.  Not only did this fact bring rage to animal lovers everywhere who were following this story, but the knowledge that animal control didn’t even wait the mandatory 4 day hold has created a petition to be taken to the Mayor’s office and city council.

The story of Ace has sickened so many and one of the outcomes was the creation of a Facebook Page that already has thousands of fans, pleas from rescue groups, as well as an online petition calling for changes to city policy.  It is the hope of animal lovers everywhere that this is the last time a story like this will ever be told and that somehow changes will be made to prevent animal control from taking matters into their own hands.


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