Top 5 Austin Pet Rescue Pioneers of 2011


Austin, TX – There are many pet advocates that go unnoticed each and every day who devote part of their lives to better the life of at least one pet.  It truly is a shame that these people go unrecognized but thanks to the author of this guest post, Glo Rod, 5 groups of individuals will receive credit for their contributions.

A Variety Of Pets Media based in Austin, Texas is comprised of radio shows and documentary videos highlighting heroes and pioneers.  These individuals share their lives with two or more pets.  The radio show portion has been featured in three magazines in two years and received an award in 2010.  Unique events and programs within non-profit rescue organizations are saving pet lives thanks to pioneers.  A Variety Of Pets Media offers a standing ovation to numerous individuals for following their dreams and making significant contributions to furry family members.

5. Directors of pet welfare organizations realize the enormous value in creating clinics or rescue groups to save pets.  Animal Trustees of Austin offers two clinics within one small building while Ferret Waystation, Austin Guinea Pig Rescue, and House Rabbit Resource Network focus on caring as well as adopting small furry family members.  These are just a few of the numerous organizations around Austin.

4. Staff members of non-profit organizations shared their dreams to directors and board members knowing pets would be saved and adopted.  Sheltered dogs are trained and cared for by inmates at Kyle Correctional Center thanks to PAWS Shelter and Humane Society’s Cell Dog Program.

3. Coordinators ensure pet rescue group events and programs operate efficiently.  These individuals have taken great ideas and expanded upon them.  One foster home based rescue group is the Texas German Shorthair Pointer Rescue which has a coordinator in Austin.  Kids-N-K9’s pairs at-risk youths with sheltered dogs in Williamson County. 

2. Adoption counselors are the first to speak to potential adopters and review applications.  When dealing with a foster home based rescue group be prepared for home visits and reference checks.  They have invested time and money for pets to enjoy a life of comfort.  The adoption process does take time to verify pets are matched with the appropriate individual or family.  From The Heart Rescue and Blue Dog Rescue are just a couple of non-profit groups with admirable counselors.

1. Volunteers for their endless efforts in overseeing and creating events or programs uniting sheltered pets with their new life long partners.  Austin Animal Center offers Desperate Housecats, an adoption event held on the third weekend of each month, while the Hard Luck Hounds is a daily adoption endeavor.

It takes a team to oversee new programs and events.  The pioneers mentioned in this article are but a few of the hundreds continually making a difference for pets within our communities.  All rescue groups continuously require a variety of donations and additional volunteers.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  

Pioneers within the pet rescue world are magnificent!


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