Tips For Calming an Anxious Pet


All pets will become anxious or stressed out at some point in their lives for a variety of different reasons.  Maybe you are moving or you’ve introduced a new pet to the household.  Maybe a new member of the family was born or you are throwing a large party at your home.  It could even happen because it’s a holiday and there are many new faces around.  Whatever the reason for your pet becoming anxious, there are ways you can help to lessen the effects of the stress and keep your pet calm.

1. First and foremost the best thing you can do to keep your pets nerves at bay is to try to keep as much of their normal routine intact as possible.  Both cats and dogs are creatures of habit and will benefit by adhering to their schedule.

2. Have soft noise in the background such as music playing or leaving the TV on.

3. Provide your pet with toys that have something to keep their attention like a squeaker.

4. Feed your pets their meals at the same time day to day.  This will help to regulate their digestive system.

5. If you have to leave your pet alone, teach them a certain word or phrase that lets them know you will return.  They will soon become less anxious when you have to go somewhere without them.

6. Create a “safe place” for your pet.  Having a place that they know is only for them will help to ease their nerves when placed into a situation that causes them stress.  This tip is especially helpful when there are new people and even other pets in the home when your dog or cat is used to having you all to themselves.

7. Dogs have certain pressure spots where you can rub to help them to calm down.  Try rubbing front head to back and in the middle of his forehead.  Also try rubbing on his side, always moving toward the back.


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