How To Clear Cloudy Water in Fish Tanks


Over time the water in your fresh water fish tank can become foggy or cloudy, making it difficult to see your colorful swimmers.  There are a variety of things that cause cloudy water and once you determine the cause you can work on clearing it up.

One of the first things to consider if the water has become cloudy is the stones you are using.  If you just set up your tank or just replaced the stones, they could have been dusty from the inside of the bag.  If you didn’t rinse them before you put them in the tank, the water could have stirred up the dust.  To find out if this is the cause, remove everything from the tank, rinse everything in hot water, then set the tank back up.  Wait about an hour and if the water is still clear then the stones were the problem.

Another reason why the water could have become cloudy is insufficient bacteria growth or too much bacteria.  In a new tank, it takes time for the right amount of bacteria to form so the water may appear cloudy in the meantime.  The only resolution is to wait at least a few days to see if the water clears up on its own.  When the water has too much bacteria it can raise the pH level and the fish will not get enough oxygen.  In order to test the pH level of your water, you can purchase a tester kit in any pet store.  Some pet stores will even test the water for you if you bring them a sample.  Once you determine if the pH level is too high, you can purchase the conditioner.

A third cause of cloudy water could be the filter you are using.  Check that your filtration system is working properly and set up according to the directions.  Also make sure the pad is clean and the water is flowing freely.  If you are still unsure if your filter is working properly, contact the store where you purchased it to find out more information.  A working filtration system is the most important part of your fish tank.

If you are still unable to clear the cloudiness from the water, you can try removing half of the water and replacing it with fresh water.  This will help to regulate some of the bacteria growth.

Most pet stores will test the water for you so if you’ve tried all of these remedies and still have cloudy water, you may need to enlist the help of the professionals!


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