Taking the Needs of Pets to a Higher Level


Taking the Needs of Pets to a Higher LevelPets are considered to be a man’s best friend.  They can sense your emotions based on the tone of your voice and they will brighten your evening after a hard day at work; they can make you feel so wanted and happy.  Although the majority of pet owners will do just about anything for their furry family members, not everyone goes the extra mile.

Thankfully, there are few people and organizations that have gone the extra mile and we wanted to take the time to recognize a few of them.  Some of them rescue dogs, others provide the best types of pet food, and even a few decide to adopt them and nurture them.

Here’s more about some that are taking the needs of pets to a higher level:

1. Karen Wagner
Karen Wagner is from San Diego, CA and is truly a best friend to dogs.  She is known for rescuing Jack Russell Terriers and providing them with a safe, quality environment to grow and thrive.  She has being doing this for over three years now.  Whenever she is asked about why she volunteered to rescue Jack Russell Terriers, she replies that her own terrier dog named Eddie has inspired her and helped her learn more about the needs of this breed.

She currently serves as the San Diego County Coordinator for a well known organization called Russell Rescue Inc. She believes in giving these rescued dogs a second chance and therefore, they are kept in foster care for three weeks or more and then provided with new homes.  Their potential owners are screened to determine if they can nurture this particular breed.  Her organization works throughout the United States and provides foster homes and basic canine training to the dogs.

2. Pet food brands and websites
Buying food for your pets can be difficult and intimidating, but several pet food services like PetFlow, Mr. Chewy, Wag.com and PetFoodDirect make this challenge a little easier.  Even though your pets are not emotionally connected with them, they offer you, their owners, services that keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy.

3. Best Friends Animal Society
The Best Friends Animal Society was founded in the late 1980’s with a mission to be kind towards animals and provide them a better world.  They have volunteer services, put animals up for adoption and they find several creative ways to provide love and care to these animals.

These people and organizations are taking a step forward to help animals have a better life.  They provide these animals with warmth, love, kindness and care that helps them to grow and develop in a happy and healthy manner.  They also inspire others to be friendly towards animals so that these lovely creatures will never be alone, sick, afraid, hungry or in pain!

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  1. Pets are such an enrichment in life – I never understand people who don’t like pets / animals and even worse, who abuse them, neglect them, hurt them…. they bring love, loyalty, friendship, fun, smiles, happiness and understanding from the first day till the end. They are true blessings. They give themselves to you. All pets should be Beloved Pets. They deserve it.
    ♥ Love you lots, Beloved Pets! ♥

  2. Although our main purpose is delivering pet happiness, Mr. Chewy aims to help educate consumers on the proper nutritional needs of their pets, as well as offering help in choosing the right diet to make it as easy as possible for pet owners. That’s why we try to stock only the highest quality brands! The Mr. Chewy family has a deep, sincere connection not only with our own personal pets, but with pets all over the country/world. We encourage animal lovers to adopt or rescue their next furry friend. Through our referral program, we even provide donations for the Best Friends Animal Society. We do what we can to make a positive difference in the world – so if you ever need assistance or have questions about the nutritional needs of your pet, give us a call. We’re always here.Thank you Lori for the mention! We are thrilled!

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