PupQuest: Your Guide to Finding a Healthy, Happy Puppy


Once you’ve made the decision to welcome a new puppy into your home as a member of the family, the first question you probably have is where to start looking to make sure you find a healthy, happy pup.  The worst thing that could happen to someone who brings home a new puppy is to find out that the pup is unhealthy, at risk for certain diseases, or that he came from an unreputable breeder or puppy mill.  In order to combat each and every one of these potential heartbreaks, animal professionals with over 40 years of experience in veterinary medicine, education, dog training and shelter work have teamed up and created PupQuest, with one goal in mind: To inform and empower consumers.

“Every week, we meet well-intentioned people who bought puppies for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars from pet shops, online, or from disreputable breeders.  Many also adopted from shelters and rescues shipping animals in from all over the country and beyond.  An alarming number of these puppies are not appropriate pets: they are unhealthy or their personalities are not safe for your average dog owner.  Owners often don’t make the connection between the dogs‘ problems and the source of the puppy.”

PupQuest provides consumers with the tools and information necessary to help you find a great puppy for you or your family, including information about breeders, rescues and animal shelters, pet shops, puppy farms/mills, and today’s worst way to find a pup, buying online.  In order to make sure you come home with a healthy, happy puppy, you must be properly informed about how to choose the best place to get one.

While learning to be puppy-source savvy, you will also find information about what health disorders are common in your breed and what tests should have been done on your pup and/or its parents to be sure your pup will be healthy.  There is a variety of health screening that should be done, as well as what information should be provided to you, the consumer.  “In my nearly 20 years as a veterinarian an overwhelming number of clients have come into my exam room with pieces of paper and misinformation from breeders that would shock you!  It is a major part of what inspired us to create PupQuest.”

PupQuest provides an entire section about the proper health screening of your puppy which includes topics such as informing you of the health record basics and commonly inherited problems in popular breeds.  Becoming as informed as possible when it comes to finding the most reputable place to get your puppy is the first step in choosing him.

The team that has created PupQuest is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date and relevant information to have you adopting a healthy, happy puppy.  By guiding those who choose to buy, PupQuest have the best chance of helping the greatest number of dogs and people.


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