Pet Holiday Travel Tips


This holiday season many people will be taking their pets over the river and through the woods to visit with friends and family. There are some things you want to keep in mind when traveling with your pet.

Make sure your pet is well hydrated – Both humans and animals need to drink during long car rides. This helps alleviate cramping of the leg muscles and other muscle groups. The same goes for our pets. They need water too and for some animals that get car sick or have an upset stomach ice cubes could be easier on the digestion.

Make sure to bring your pet medications – It is always a good idea to pack a pet’s medication and medical history in the event something should happen while away from home. This can be very useful if you don’t have access to your pet’s vet and need to consult with another vet.

Keep your pet’s head inside the car, not outside the window – Most pets love to put their head out the window and it usually makes them feel better but it can be dangerous. When traveling at high speed even a small object like a cinder can damage your pet’s eyes.

Don’t feed your pet as much food – Give your pet less food during the trip and don’t give them your “human” food, especially fast food or other high fat or dangerous food like chocolate.

Pets don’t belong in the car alone – Be sure to take your pet with you when you stop especially if it is hot or cold. Both conditions can be dangerous to your pet. Also, beware of pet thieves that might want to steal your pet.
Make sure to make frequent stops – Pets need to stretch their legs too and of course go to the bathroom. Be sure to use designated areas to walk you pet and clean-up after them. Pets are usually required to be on a leash and wear a collar wit ID tags.

I hope you find these tips helpful and a have safe and happy holiday season.