New Year’s Eve Can Be Traumatic for Pets


With all the people coming or going from your house over the Holiday’s and into New Year’s Day, things can get a little nerve wracking for your pets. It can be even more difficult if you go away for the holidays. The amount of stimulation in the form of strangers, noises such as fireworks and gunfire can fill pets with great amounts of anxiety.

Unfortunately, because of all the commotion caused by the Holidays, there is a direct increase in the number of missing or lost pets because they can become frightened and run away. This is a flight response triggered by a situation that causes pets to have anxiety overload.
There a few things you can do that can help in the event your pet decides to flee:

  • Keep photos of your pets around the house, in your computer or camera in the even they are needed to help find your pet.
  • Make sure all adult beverages (alcoholic drinks) are keep away from your pets. These drinks can be lethal to your pets and are readily lapped-up by dogs when spilled. Beer and sugary drinks will be consumed if left unattended.
  • Prepare a space where your pet can get away from all your guests even if they seem to like all attention. This can be particularly helpful for pets that tend to be a little excitable around new faces. Using a crate might add a sense of security and using soft, soothing music can also help.
  • Make sure your pet has identification on their collar and you may want to consider having you pet micro chipped.
  • Consider using positive reinforcement during thunderstorms in the form of treats to condition your pets for loud unexpected noises such as the ones generally associated with many holidays like New Year’s celebrations.

These are some of the ways you can help your pets get through the Holidays. May you and your pet have a happy and joyous New Year.


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